Information: Aloof and mean-looking, the Buzzenge will probably be the first bird of prey to visit your garden.
Level: 5
Base Value: 2100


Appear Requirements Edit

  • Have a Candary in the garden

Visit Requirements Edit

  • Have 5 Candaries in the garden

Resident Requirements Edit

  • Have a Fir Tree in the garden
  • Has eaten 3 Candaries

Romance Requirements Edit

  • Has eaten 2 Pudgeons
  • Has eaten 2 Sparrowmints
  • There is a Buzzenge house in the garden
Species variants for the Buzzenge

Feeding it a Buttercup changes its color to yellow.
Changes base value to ???

Buzzenge UsesEdit

  • Eating 4 Buzzenges helps meet the Eaglair Resident requirements.

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