Information: Symbolising purity, this mythical creature can only be seen by innocent maiden. It is one of the most beautiful creatures... probably, if I could see it.
Level: 6
Base Value: 4,500


Appear Requirements Edit

Visit Requirements Edit

Resident Requirements Edit

  • Have a fully grown gem tree in the garden
  • Has eaten 15 gems

Romance Requirements Edit

  • Has eaten 3 rainbow gems
  • Have a Chewnicorn house in the garden
Species variants for the Chewnicorn

Feeding it a Chili changes its color to yellow.
Changes base value to ???


  • 1 Chewnicorn in the garden helps meet the Galagoogoo Romance requirements.
  • Directing a Chewnicorn to a sick piñata will heal it (earning the player a certificate).

Species ConflictsEdit