Information: Chippopotami must have the worst glands in the entire Piñata kingdom. I mean, they don't eat a lot, not really, but you never see a slim one.
Level: 8
Base Value: 3,600


Appear Requirements Edit

  • Have 100 square pinometers of water (10%)

Visit Requirements Edit

Resident Requirements Edit

Romance Requirements Edit

  • Have 700 square pinometers of water (70%)
  • You have the Candary Master Romancer award
  • Have 1 Candary in the garden
  • Has eaten 4 Birds of Paradise
  • Have a Chippopotamus house in your garden
Species variants for the Chippopotamus

Feeding it a Jar of Blackberry Jam changes its color to purple.
Changes base value to ???


  • Eating 1 Chippopotamus helps meet the Tigermisu Romance requirements.

Other InformationEdit