For information on how to obtain the Twingersnap, see below.
Information: When it comes to improving something, it's obvious that two is twice as good as one. This is the next step in Syrupent evolution. But they aren't just two heads - the left head is touch-sensitive too!
Level: 5
Base Value: 1,500


Romance Requirements Edit

  • Has eaten 1 variant Squazzil.
  • Has eaten 2 Poppy seeds.
  • Have a Twingersnap house in the garden.
Species variants for the Twingersnap

Feeding it a Venus Piñata Trap flower gives it a yellow variant.
Changes base value to 1,895.



Obtaining a TwingersnapEdit

To get a Twingersnap, you must first have at least 2 Syrupents. Romance the two Syrupents, and wait for the egg to be delivered. Watch the egg, wait for it to hop. Once it hops, tap it with your shovel until a green smoke comes from the egg. The egg will hatch a Twingersnap!